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Welcome to the BadAss Temple Bar, the foremost live entertainment venue in Dublin, operated by leading hospitality professionals. At our bar, we are committed to curating an extraordinary experience for our customers, setting us apart as the pinnacle of live entertainment in the city. The visionary direction infuses the venue with a touch of hospitality excellence that elevates every aspect of the customer experience.Central to our ethos is the vibrant interaction between musicians and customers, complemented by distinctive features that ensure every visit is etched in your memory. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of live acts resulting in an eclectic lineup designed to cater to a wide-ranging audience.Our dedication to customer comfort is unwavering. With a spacious layout for ease of movement and exceptional visibility from all angles, our friendly staff ensures that your needs are met. Our extensive menu, featuring a tantalising selection of drinks and delicious food, makes us your ultimate destination for an all-encompassing night out.The BadAss Temple Bar, thrives as Dublin’s premier live entertainment venue, setting the gold standard for live performances in the city. Our dedication to diverse musical genres creates a dynamic atmosphere that truly distinguishes us. Join us for an exceptional experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Dublin!



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Where Dublin’s Heart Meets Good Times: Welcome to Temple Bar’s Gem